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2022 Running of the Chihuahuas kicks off

2022 Running of the Chihuahuas kicks off

2022 Running of the Chihuahuas kicks off

Kingston Ontario’s sixth annual Running of the Chihuahuas kicked off earlier this month, raising funds for a local palliative dog rescue.

After being cancelled for two years due to COVID-19, this year’s event kicked off with tons of anticipation according to a recent article from Global News.

Various chihuahuas competed in a series of races throughout the day, going head to head for first place king and queen.

A separate division also invited other small dogs to race, called the ‘Chihuahua Wannabes.’

“Finally got the lift off the restrictions, and we thank god for that. So now, here we are having fun again,” said Bill McCormick who is involved with Sheba’s Haven dog rescue.

This rescue takes in older dogs who are usually suffering from serious health conditions. Their mission is to allow these dogs to live happily and carefree for the remainder of their lives whether that be years, months or weeks.

“I’m giving them a life. They can do what they want. That’s another problem, because I let them do what they want so there is sometimes hectic times,” laughed founder Catherine Pokrywa.

Since its inception in 2001, Sheba’s Haven has fostered more than 100 canines.

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As an official charity that doesn’t qualify for government funding, they rely on solely on their community for donations.

Running of the Chihuahuas is one of the rescue’s biggest fundraisers.

“I like meeting the people that support us and the other volunteers. I was going around thanking them and thanking anybody that’s here, because they’re all helping my cause,” said Bill.

A chihuahua named Hank came in first place, winning a trophy and some dog-related goodies.
(photo courtesy of Rob Moody Photography)

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